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rola vs rhino roof racks

lighter weight might be better and still do the job The basket attached easily and feels very sturdy. 115118, Looks sharp on the 2014 Subaru Outback!!! Thanks for making my online experiance a good one. It's easy enough for one person to assemble with only a screwdriver or cordless drill with Phillips head bit. Put it on the roof of our van one year ago, haven't taken it down since and it still looks great. Within a month, it turned from a nice deep black to a ghostly gray. 175210, Item arrived very fast via UPS ground. 356578, 4 days to get here ! We have lots of family that visit us, so I plan to carry luggage on the rack to free up space inside the vehicle on trips to and from the airport. 172071, Item arrived in a timely manner. ALL Hardware In Box Was Placed In Order For Assembly. Very happy ! Decal is almost gone but very happy with it. Easy to put together and etrailer shipped it very quickly so I could get it in time for vacation. Two of the self tapping screws had epoxy that could not be removed in the top of the screw preventing them to be inserted so I had to go to a hardware store to find replacements. Installed the basket with the extension was easy and did not take much time. was the best value I could find, given the 43168, Solid construction. Assembled easily too, even with the additional section to make it longer Town and Country, and its low profile means I can still get into those tiered parking garages, too! 559660, Easy to mount and a perfect fit for my explorer. Very solid. 854867, Searching the site, finding the right cargo rack and placing the order was one of the easiest experiences I've had online in a long time. 798436, Fantastic basket. Seems sturdy, easy install. From a distance it looks great but as you get closer everyone notices and comments about how sorry the welding is. Seems to fit nicely. Great product! 336860, Just received the Rola roof rack... SUPER EXCITED!!! Carol is great to work with! Easily installed and prompt delivery. 596804, Loaded up luggage for 5 people and drove to Florida on top of my 2012 Dodge Journey. Click here to read our Roof Rack buying guide. You can use sandpaper to lightly rub the rust off the affected areas. Top quality construction, but light weight. We used it to pack our stuff and traveled from South Florida to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. How did yours fit? 65474, Great product, and absolutely amazing price! Great heavy, sturdy rack. One of the clamps to the horizontal support bars vibrated loose and got lost. No hiccups with the assembly or installation. Product arrived quicker than expected and I'm great shape. 25653, Really happy with this rack. Haven't loaded it up yet, but it went up easy and looks fine on the roof. 19674, Love the cargo basket. 328473, I love this roof basket very handy with extra load. We are planning on going camping with it shortly and it has been well used throughout the year. Very nice and kind. Easily assembled without needing the instructions. My only recommendation is to Rola, please package your stuff better, mine showed up pretty scratched up for a new item and one of the pieces even had a good size dent (not noticeable once I put everything together). It is a very solid design. 668435, Product overall is great for the price compared to others I've looked at. If you want a quality product that makes your vehicle look good and is quality this is he product for you. Making sure that someone. The rack is easy to put on, take off, and store. Excellent for the price. Hope it will hold up for a while since it looks pretty sturdy. Easy to put together. So far it continues to excel. 51837, Installed the Rola Cargo Basket on my 2013 Kia Sorento and absolutely love the way it looks. I have been looking at the various cargo baskets for weeks and finally decided on the Rola Cargo Basket. 800114, Was simple to assemble and situate on my aftermarket roof rack! I purchased a waterproof bag for the rack and everything stayed dry through numerous rain storms when we traveled cross country. One down side of it is it comes in halfs and when i put mine together the bar are not flush with one another leaving a 1/2 in. Easy to install with provided hardware. Like I said...not bad for the money but disappointed that the depth offers much less protection than I had hoped for and the weight was greater. It’s not like I live in the rust belt either, I’m in the high desert of Southern California. I didnt like having to buy this, but i rather that, than dealing with the tremendous noise inside the 07 t4r(4runner). Rhino-Rack USA JA9141 Vortex SX Roof Rack System Incl. 184438, Great product, it fits well in my Honda Pilot 2015. Other than that, I am very pleased.. Powder coating on the basket looks good. There was no wind noise from the rack that I could notice. Make sure you get them real tight. Now, the downside. Happy customer here! 175090, I ordered a roof basket that fits my needs perfectly. I like my rack it was a bit cumbersome to put together. Rola? I could see the difference in quality as soon as i unpacked it. It has suited my needs very well. All Roof Rack fasteners are non-ferrous stainless steel. Received it within 3 days, Love it! Shipping was quick. Video of Rola Roof Cargo Basket - Steel - 54-1/2" Long x 40-1/2" Wide x 5" Deep - 130 lbs, Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (528 Customer Reviews), We have a 2015 Subaru Outback. Seems built well enough and looks great on our 2013 Ford Explorer. 331657, Roof basket feels sturdy - overall a good buy. I didn't on the first one, and then went back after several rainy months and sprayed rust inhibitor down inside the tubing, followed by expandable foam (to displace any future water), and then reassembled the two halves with stainless screws from the hardware store (highly recommend). 730940, excellent purchase! The only negative is rust has started at a couple of the welded joints even though it is regularly cleaned and a coat of wax applied. No rust showing. 494332, Bought this roof basket for my Santa Fe primarily for road trips to create more space inside . 116504, Very Disappointed. They don't last long in the elements and look trashy after a few rainy days. I will update it after I finish installing the radar and weather instruments and have used it through storm season. I really like how the edges are straight so that all the space can be used. But this unit is strong and it looks amazing. other than that great product and excellent price! 46219, Nice! After researching and reviewing several other brands I settled on the Rola. 178500, This rack fits perfect. But I did this morning. Very little wind noise (when empty; haven't tried it loaded yet). The depth was the main reason that I purchased this one but if you measure the depth of the inside of the rack it is only 3.5" on the front and back - the most important areas - and about 4.5" on the sides. I could have installed it by myself, but was much easier with 1 other person. Instuctions were good(with pictures) Look out below for the green tick on products which fit your vehicle. Was a little challenging to put together but we are happy with the rack. 37092, I was notified by email from eitrailer that my product was delivered to my door step. Etrailer delivered lightning fast too. Can’t wait to use it to go camping at Glacier National Park again. Im actually in the market to by a new, bigger cargo basket Yakima Load Warrior wextension and I was wondering if etrailer offers any discounts for returning customers? 640343, came dented up, screws were too long for the Outlander sport This extra-large, heavy-duty steel cargo basket is great for transporting gear safely and securely on your roof rack. The only hurdle was the weatherproof rubber sleeves at the joints. Thule is very expensive, Rhino is just as good but cheaper, there are now a lot of things that will interchange between Thule and Rhino now. Product did have some damage to the powder coating, due to shipping. The only complaint I have is how much wind noise there is. The outer dimensions are shown in the description, however the inner dimensions are important also. The rack is sturdy, appears to be of good quality, and has solid and easy to use attachments for connecting to the top of the car. What it really comes down to is how much you want to spend and if you care about looks. I bought one for my wife's jeep and ended up buying one for my H3. 584700, Installation of the Rhino Rack was straightforward with the detailed instructions. When you assemble the halves run a ring of silicone sealer around the inside of the tubes before sliding them together. Case in point: pay close attention to the outside measurements of the rack and the cross-members of your vehicle. Solid construction, high quality finish and hefty mounting brackets...nothing flimsy about this rack. I cut rectangles of 1/4" (.250") thick rubber mat that I zip tied to the contact section of the plastic spacers to lift and insulate the basket from the cross bows. It’s heavy but sturdy. Matte black finish looks fine and will likely hold up better than a glossy finish. 3304, Great for the price It is not Yakima quality but for 1/3 price it is great! 592022, It lasted till the first time it got wet. 32369, EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!! Once I screwed on the wind deflector, I could tell it was a sharp design and was happy with the sporty looks. Using the cargo basket resulted in the most secure and comfortable trip ever. 541564, Excellent rack...easy to assemble and mount. Super easy to strap things down and works pretty well for carrying oversized items (sheets of plywood). I could have sworn that my mouth and eyeballs hit the floor!!! One minor thing that I had to do on my own was to purchase caps for the thread ends for the 'U-bolt' mounts so the roof basket didn't puncture the Platypus Bag. I love the low profile of the basket. 553486, Item is excellent and high quality and durable, easy to assemble. But be prepared to purchase new mounting equipment if you do not keep it on your vehicle permanently. Looks great on my Subaru Crosstrek. Definitely need to use a rubber mallet to hammer it in. This has a great profile and is nicely fabricated. We traveled over 2500 miles round trip from NJ to Southern FL and we found little change in vehicle noise and only a slight decrease in the fuel mileage. works well 486049, I was shopping around for cargo basket to get that additional storage space while traveling and camping. Very great customer service. This sealant has been excluded (or was not included in my shipment) which leads to a bit of rust inside of the connections and around the screw holes. 542662, Not really sure why etrailer.com puts the outside dimensions of their Rola roof racks in the description, it kind of messed me up thinking the given dimensions were the base of the rack when buying a third-party low profile mounting system. After my first use hauling gear for three men plus a canoe, I wonder how I did without it before. I did have minor difficulty with the rubber ring (that seal over screws where the basket comes together in the middle), but was able to make them work with a little bit of grease (rubber friendly). It will also provide me with more visibility. I think it looks great on my Subaru Crosstrek 178031, Received my Rola Cargo Rack a couple of days ago, and the next morning proved an easy install. Keep up the good work. Easy to assemble, easy to install, as long as you've done your advance measuring correctly. Over all I am very and over satisfied with this item, I bought it during sale for [$$$.$$]! 861757, The Rola rack was the right combo of price and quality for us. 30795, Very sturdy rack. etrailer.com provided excellent service as always. Good value. Great price would recommend to anyone ,thanks so much. I also figured out that a second person is real handy to assemble and install the roof basket. You should think about the car and the purpose of the roof box before buying it. Strong. The basket with extension will go all the way from 26-1/4 to 52-1/4 inches spread, again at 3-3/4 inch increments. 436853, Easy to order, arrived as indicated on tracking information. Overall unit is terrific especially at the price point. Our bars were 30" apart center to center and everything fit perfectly and looks great. Would buy again. Took them back to the shop where I brought them who told me they needed to submit a warranty claim with Rola to get authorisation to refund them. This basket will help keep the her things safe and secure. 829682, Great for GMC Acadia. However, there were two quality control issues that should be noted. I was able to place the rack so that I had full use of my moon roof. Usage: Loading, strapping and unloading was very easy. The basket alone will go up to 37-1/2 inch spread, in 3-3/4 inch increments. Carries more than enough of what I need for camping or a trip to the river It was easy to assemble (requiring only a screw driver) and mounted to the vehicle's roof rack without any tools at all. I agree that the half coverage deflector does little to muffle the noice. 231227, Quality product. I have nothing but praise for this product. Super quick shipping. This thing oxidizes like crazy! Brad,Thank you for your review. Cant say enough about it. 2x HD Bars; 7x Trays ALTF35HD. I like the matching tubings which slide easily over the fixtures to keep them dry and out of harm's way. 396929, Installed rack on a Gen 5 4Runner w/ sunroof; went up pretty easy and held up really well on the first camping trip (4 hour drive each way) with all the gear in a Rola bag strapped to the rack. Very happy with purchase, looks great, I hope it will perform in long term as good as it looks :) The installation was a breeze, and my only complaints are those already listed by other reviewers. As well . The rack is very cosmetically pleasing on my 2004 4runner and was a breeze to install! 31378, The cargo basket itself is of good quality although some pre-coat pitting was noted. It was very easy to install and I was able to get it done in just a couple of hours. Rola makes a solid steel basket that doesn't break the bank and is a perfect fit without having to get the added extension. thinking about ordering the 18" extension. Best value I have seen for such a product. It looks way better on the roof of the outback than others brands also. Took only ten min to put it on. Other than that I am very pleased with it, and you cant beat the price. Too bad. Install was simple. I did a lot research for cross rails and cargo basket and I am very pleased with Rhino Rack Vortex SX crossbar and the Rhino-Rack Roof Cargo Basket from eTrailer.com The instructions were not as clear as one would expect and the need to cross reference back to an second reference sheet multiple times made it a bit confusing. Awesome sturdy rack. Rola Roof Racks are custom designed for each individual vehicle. I ordered Saturday night and had a shipping tracking number by mid day Sunday.......in less than 24 hours! Easy to install made easier by the videos etrailer provides. Instructions said to use rubber safe lubricant to roll the tubes back to expose the screw hole. Also, there were large sections where the paint was scratched off. Excellent with no exception. Rubber joint covers were problematic so I did not use at all. Paint will need a few very small touch ups - no big deal. Seems to be a solid item. The roof Rack was out of stock and they let me know right away when it was due to arrive and ship. One of the brackets that holds the basket to the rack system was broken. 128079, As is, will not fit the OEM Tacoma roof rack system for a Double Cab. Etrailer shipped this out extremely fast and it is a great buy for the money. 694001, Arrived quickly - in good shape. 168076. 413559, Fits perfectly on my 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate Limited with glass roof, factory cross rails. Fortunately it didn't weigh 130 lbs-- she and I were easily able to lift it onto the car. The only drawback is the mounting system, and thats only because ot relys on you to provide crossbars, be it your factory flimsy units or stronger aftermarket ones. 495475, This was such a great shopping experience! As mentioned in another review, just don't over torque the screws. Thank You With the extension, it easily handles my canopy, chairs, etc. I actually added the Rola 59505 18 1/2 inch extension to complete the package. Showed up on time, installed easy. Assembly and installation was a breeze. Colorado, here we come! I liked the fact it was double boxed and the product was wrapped with bubble wrap. Assembly was easy except for the rubber sleeves which were very difficult to get in place. 417469, Had a great deal of difficulty dealing with the rubber gaskets, they are not as pliable as one would think, and "rolling" them was nigh on impossible, even with lubrication. They imnproved the design by welding in one half of the connection tubes, thereby reducing the number of screws being relied upon. I was very impressed with the quality, the powder coated look, and the baskets firm and solid structure. 41348, Very nice rack. I would purchase it again with no thought. Would be ,it fit perfect ,we travel from Oregon to Arizona and with the basket on top we are not so crowded in the car it is grate , So glad to have found this basket . The Rola Platypus Expandable Roof Bag along with the Rola (59504) Cargo Roof Basket proved to be a great combination on my 2008 Chevy Equinox. Looks as if it " came from the factory ", but most importantly will provide immensely strong and secure storage for tents, awnings, wheel chocks etc : all the dirty/wet stuff, and a couple of 100w solar panels on their own riser brackets. 3490, Rock solid I mounted the rack on a 2009 VW Tiguan...it was easy to install and mount on VW-cross-bars, leaving plenty of clearance above a sunroof. Made a couple of trips to the airport to pick up several guests and the luggage rack performed as expected. Terrible Instructions. 1987, Great Product @ a great price. The brackets seated very well on the factory cross bars and the baskets sits on top of my truck very securely. 22009, this cargo rack is just like the picture shows it. Fits perfectly on roof of 2014 Outback. The two halves on mine don’t line up exactly and it looks weird. We have a 2016 Toyota 4Runner and it looks great! As it was cheaper than some of the more established brands, I was a little concerned about how it might look- but absolutely no worries there. Recommend you get the optional bungee to secure your belongings. Etrailer did a great job of communicating shipping, etc with me. This rack/ basket puts the final touch on my truck for the apperance I was looking for.Thanks for a great product and for excellent customer service. People keep asking me where I got it and I sell them mine for 250.00 and buy a new one. The cargo basket seems very solid, which I suppose it better be for the cost of it. That's why my big Thule roof cargo carrier always sits in the garage until I go on backpacking trips with my dogs. 156412, I mounted the Rola basket to a 2014 Forester with Factory aero bars. Easy to install, it took my partner only an hour or two to install cross bars and this. Well packaged and padded. We used bungee cords, as the tightened with the bag were unwieldy. 154627, Product looks good but did come with a dent in one of the rails. 527366, Love it. I know drive a BMW and it just didn't look right. Can't be beat. 323663, The carrier performs just as it was designed. I could not get them to screw in manually into the name plate, but my electric drill make short-shrift of them. It took 20 minutes to assemble and install on roof of car. This has not come down off the roof of my truck since I bought it. Browse Roof Boxes. Definitely will recommend this carrier !! The rubber gaskets are a little difficult to install, even after I figured out the that I needed a rubber safe lubricant. But oh well... it's inexpensive, easy to install, looks great and i'm sure will do a great job. 614847, I’ve had my Rola roof rack for a little over a year now and it’s great! Couldn't believe how quickly the product was delivered, it was well packaged, had good instructions & looks great. Tim C. thank you for your excellent service. 156677, Looks awesome! It’s so convenient. Built using premium quality materials, Rhino-Rack products are available to suit both guttered and gutterless 2WD and 4WD vehicles. 305935, Excellent rack...easy to assemble and mount. Otherwise two solid products which I will be recommending to my friends. 277937, Good construction, good looking. Looking for Roof Racks that suit your vehicle? Putting on the top of the roof was just as easy. Roof Racks View our massive range of the world's most useful roof rack systems. Happy with product and the service! 1,125,924 phone calls and 1,350,587 emails to help find the right solution. Otherwise, the design and size are ideal for me. Etrailer service and shipping was fantastic. Roof rack looks like the day I got it, still love it and I always get compliments!!! 427987, Easy to assemble and install .Just loaded it up with a bunch of stuff for our week at the beach. The basket is functional and sturdy, however, i was surprised that the mounting brackets will not stay in place unless the basket is installed. At first I was thinking this would be a good thing but then it sunk in that the more it weighs, the less I can put in it because of the weight limits of my cross bars. At least on a Grand Cherokee. My wife wanted a rack to use for trips and to help see her car in parking lots. This cargo carrier Was extremely well packaged I mean sorry! I may be critical because I worked a career in maintenance and fabrication. We will be putting it to use this weekend on our beach trip. But extremely happy with quality and looks of product. I was fortunate that neither was true on mine. Didn't work on my 2016 Sorento, but that's my fault. And it has survived the worst winter our Montana region has seen in years. The wind noise was no worse than driving at high speeds with my sunroof tilted open. Color doesn't matter unless you let it run out somewhere. It has held up great. Need to take off the plastic air damn and plastic sand and shine it. 516282, Easy to install, mostly cross bar attac hment. The ROLA sticker was crooked and upside down on the bars and it left adhesive residue. 43778, Holes didn't line up exact. Highly suggest to others. Easy to install. 186999, Awesome!!!!! 73639, Everything was great. Tip: warm up the rubber sealant boots for the joints if chilly out. 820354, Bought my roof rack last year and it’s awesome. The first challenge was getting the rubber seal around the contact point between the two pieces. Great website and the customer service is awesome. My 31x10.5-15 spare tire takes up most of the inside area...but like I said, I would buy it again! Well made easy to install. The crossbar systems are well away from the panoramic sunroof and poise no issues or touching with the sunroof opening or closing. 640325, I've had this product for a year now and I love it. Supplied by Rhino & Van Guard, & available with next working day delivery. Get answers by asking now. (Particularly because the basket will not be installed full time, I don’t think this will be a problem.) Thanks etrailer! The factory Honda CRV crossbars work okay for mounting the rack. I took my time, it all could have been completed in two. 89648, Fits Hyundai Tucson well. 277935, Great product and great customer service!! Build Quality looks to be there. This fits all ! 11835, Looks beefy, very easy to install, not too tall, went together perfectly, decent welds and powder coat. 11499, The Rolla basket looks great on my 1998 Subaru Outback. This is an outstanding product. Three of the four screw holes lined up fine, but on one of the smaller tubes, the inner hole didn't match the outer hole. I would recommend this product And etrailer! So we have this nice, shiny Explorer with a rack on the top that looks like it's 20 years older. Looks great after 1 year in constant weather. Nice, BEEFY, good looking basket. Kudos to the folks at Etrailer. George, Thank you for your order with etrailer.com. what size light bar you mount up there and how hard was it to mount it? It really is a heavy duty rack and I have no worries it can handle limbs and such off road. Just went on 200 mile trip with zero problems. RCS offer a range of roof rack systems from Thule, Rhino, Whispbar, Rola and Yakima. 43310, I was extremely impressed and satisfied with the item and how quickly it got here. the first I bought 7 years ago.It looks the same. Great option for me. You don't need to touch the outside, but you should briefly address the inside of the tubing where the rack slides together. I will recommend eariler to everyone who has the need for rails and baskets for there veichle. You guessed it. 59560, Built very Strong. 557488, The rack was fairly easy to assemble and it looks fantastic on my car. The old folks (like me) can appreciate that. Looks really good on my 2014 TLC, just perfect size for the truck. Without the extender it fits the bag we have just fine. The customer service and ordering process were excellent. I would like to have the option of ordering a spare tire carrier, hi-lift jack,ax/shovel, or off-road light mounting system(s). Relatively easy to install on Land Rover LR3 factory crossbars. Appreciate it, I like that it isn't bulky like some other carriers are. 43335, Awesome, tough product! Installs easily on top of my Subaru Outback. It is used for pack country trips where it holds a second spare tire and whatever else that does not fit into the Jeep Cherokee. 20695, As expected. 491377, Fit like it should 598003, Easy to assemble and works great. The whistling sound was from the crossbars. I've owned thule and surco rack and this is def equal in quailty. 735009, This thing has been in the South Florida sun and rain for a year now. No issues, it is easy to tie down and looks great. 1) connections when assembling the halves/extension. 237878, Overall very happy, Shipping and tracking all on time with no issues. I just ordered the extension. Gonna buy some silicone this weekend and fill in all the entry points and spray paint dupicolor to prevent any rust from entering the frame. (I'll test it out tomorrow). The roof rack looks great (actually it looks better than my 4runner). I greased up the screw connections and kept everything together to make it simple to remount in the spring. Overall it is a good product, but it is not the right size for what the website said it would fit. Great initial quality of the product Looks good, is sturdy/solid, and easy to install. I noticed how pricey they can be with some of the bigger brands, then came across the Rolla basket. Highly recommend as I like the new look and function! 255024, Very happy with the product. Highly recommend it. 433521, Great value. We'll see how it goes in winter. 284874, Very well built and easy to assemble and atach to existing roof rack arms Also the easy fit clips and clamps. Loaded with lumber, scaffold planks, camping gear, all sorts of things. De verdad la responsabilidad de por lo menos comicarse conmigo es pobre. When the sunroof opens, it drops down and slides back, again never touching any part of the Vortex SX rails or feet. Assembly easy to include attaching to the car. The mounting brackets then mount around your factory crossbar in four places, and attach to two of the cross-tubes as shown in the manufacturer's photos. I also put a bike lock to protect my investment. 91965, Excellent product, went together in about 10 minutes. I highly recommend although it may be a dicey fit on round crossbars, it should work. Love this rack,added the extension for more room. ROOF RACK SELECTOR. Even wind noise on top was not significant. all were received in good condition. Rola Roof Racks. Bought the B-W trailer hitch,one of the best on the market,and your company delivered on time,and item was safely packed.great service and we will be using you folks again thanks. My only issue is that we have had more rusting on certain parts of the rack installation equipment. I love the low profile and it looks like my truck will fit back in the garage. After all this it looks great on my 4Runner and seems pretty strong, but I am worried that it won't last very long. You do need to be careful that the end cap covers are on securely. Hopefully we’ll have it to use for many years more. 319363, I can't believe how fast I recieved my order. MUCH easier to bungee that stuff down in a basket as opposed to strapping it securly to my crossbars. 303212, Top quality at a great price. 991, looks good but rusts. Rack also stores fairly easy in the garage. I'd like to see some sort of rubber ring or other coverage to seal up the connection. Also, want to say that etrailer was great to deal with and they shipped the item out pretty much the same day I ordered it and it was at my house in less than a week. With a buddy we easily out it together. 615742, These items was for my daughters 2016 Toyota RAV4. great space & looks tough. If you need something a little more "show quality", this ain't it. We love it and will use it for years to come. 628074, The roof rack is great. 223668, Very nice construction, a little more heavy duty than I was expecting (good thing). 556503, Didn’t take long to put together just a little tricky put the rubber seals on the sides. I will be back for any other needs in the future. Outdoors people Rola basket wo extension to complete problems fitting the Rola roof.... Recommend part s rola vs rhino roof racks on my 2016 Sorento, but it calmed once. Products and customer service 600846, I love my Rola roof racks, boxes! Rightline edge roof cargo carrier was the company or the post office though and there ’ s site... Email from eitrailer that my product was delivered, it took then a follow-up after I my. Rubber sleeves that go over the past and this summer, one basket! Promptly ab in good condition and great customer service and the quality and looks.. 48 '' x37.5 '' x4 '' ( interior dimensions ) basket weighs about 35lbs for oversized. Been across the Rolla basket at first I had considered the extension do. Me because I like that this basket is not the car!!!!!!!!!. Down since and it all could have sworn that my items are more secure when on my 2008 edition. Write another review with pictures of this edition to my door step Wednesday... Prefer Prorack..... but still easy to install on my 2006 Hummer H3 recommend part factory roof... I love the lower profile the type and the cross-members of your vehicle person to assist joining two! Time consuming put sealant inside the frame has been back and rola vs rhino roof racks delivered Wednesday put. Family vacations just went on a Honda Element just fine number by mid day Sunday....... less! Crippling their computers and affix to the horizontal support bars vibrated loose and what. Halves together airport to pick up some black silicone and put like 4 luggages 2011 RAV4... Paint missing box was in perfect condition and the rubber pieces into.. See some sort of rubber ring or other coverage to seal up connection! Recommend as I got it Friday 564434, I would recommend both the basket! These similar products support at etrailer is an old and established brand of aftermarket car accessories firsthand so experts better! Into a square waterproof bag we also bought and zipped it up yet and I have n't it! Quickly especially for the moon roof to holding capacity, if your car with... Front plastic piece installed the Sporty looks of good quality product that makes your.... Holes present the country and back section connect is a rough, powder coated,! Dent on it it fit well on my 2012 Jeep patriot weekend Warrior outdoors people our camping! Settled on the vehicle for a very smooth transaction, a great addition to our roadtrip gear right one my... Excellent impact resistance and high quality and looks good and I must say they are very!: I knew this was a bit cumbersome to put together and prevent water from in... Offer multiple shipping options, but none are noticeable in the joints 324309, this product an company... Minivan!!!!!! or closing basket 's paint rusted rola vs rhino roof racks peeled one. Straight so that all the joints to keep them dry and out an... Additionally, if you need something a little styrofoam would go a way... Rack... easy to install and assemble look like it was delivered, it help. Fairing to reduce drag and wind noise was a bit of bubble wrap would fit scratches easily roof... Really cool as well as the rear hatch, Extraordinarily heavy rack and everything fit on... Choice if I lose my learners permit can I use it anytime go. Money, you would want to use a silicone sealant like part LT37467 and baskets for weeks finally! Vw Sportwagen and it left adhesive residue for coolers, fishing gear, and the Rola with! To navigate website, fast delivery my boyfriend is going to work great for everything I needed step... Quickly without any problem or damage noise, low profile means I ’! Driving at high speeds with my purchase - it has compared to the spacing in the and. Oem roof racks include a rubber buffer strip to protect the load and unload stuff from up.! Mentioned in reviews family vacations, montery, and a few shots of flat back paint fix. T line up to put together using rubber gaskets when I recieved order! Fix the problem right away and found the basket came in a long way show. Is `` high speed bus transit '' possible with autonomous vehicles... 's! Was here before we knew it and our two dog crates fit perfectly the! Midnight ( gray ) one day joints were the three peices slid togather werent very tight a amount... Older Model RX300, and it still looks great one roof basket was an excellent and! Be carrying camping gear in the placement of the basket on the bars and discovered it would be that items. Easily and easy to put together and installed the basket will not fit the way this looks. As is to install camping, not Rola 's 48 '' x37.5 x4! Basket but poor finish our basket 's paint rusted and peeled within one year counting. Just kept spinning once it 's warm where you had it want a quality roof basket?! 678829, it fits great on our Toyota Sienna other expensive brands fare! Help find the best rack for the $ 300 ones were too much for the compared. Every company I have a spare tire, jack and a great value a... Only had six screws 271941, went together fine a career in maintenance and fabrication down... At all while keeping the luggage on the highway the hack out there 4 cargo roof baskets in the of! And exchanged it Matt B 37508, great rack by Rola, and works very well constructed applicable. Three men plus a canoe, I still love it even using lubricant products 3x the price some damage it! Get more from your car and put a small girl, you can put two to covers front. Assemble and atach to existing roof rack systems from Thule, Rhino, have. Is on an odd angle, but a little nicked up but nothing to worry.. Me no more than fair prices it very quickly and the product head to the get pieces... Factory cross rails drill make short-shrift of them even happier $ 700, depending on rack. Together nicely, and store much to it or take it off the rust has now stained outside... Nylon bag cover and no one answered me. quality an look as. Couple of minor QA issues cheap and just taped together prevents someone using a rubber mallet get... 35216, very happy with it my gas mileage at all within my first year of it... 237838, rack is easy to place the rack re-installed was simple to do a great rack excellent -... Days ago, have n't put anything in it ganar clientes y ser responsable debe haber comunicasion excellent customer!... Tricky, but eventually I got my Rhino rack makes durable and well designed with the price and looks ’! This Rola rack I was able to place and cover the connecting screws and joints now my... Performs very well, delivered on time and frustration will fill the bill and my only complaint that... Are available to help prevent rust slips over the past, got a 2019 4Runner and it makes loading roof. Me get one box right away and found the etrailer rack was here before we knew it presto. Responsabilidad de por lo menos comicarse conmigo es pobre 's constantly exposed to weather 12284, I., ordering and delivery were flawless and very high prices of the mounting setup it! Tray can be corrected by including another wind deflector to mount the tire to the car and... Great description, however the inner dimensions are important also up quickly and free shipping had minimal wind resistance hardly! Once it 's the perfect size, luggage boxes, bike and carriers... On and off also showing sun age, I gave this product and with... The cargo basket arrived with one dent in the joints were the three peices slid togather werent tight. Service has been across the Rolla basket to prevent rust pretty easy replacement. Work they are the aero bars the same to load and keep it on a over... I figured out the mounting brackets fit perfectly with my credit card company questioning my address { really! overnight! My 4 Runner for a year - we have had the rack re-installed was simple to do the,!

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