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the badge of the county of Rutland, and was worn by its Militia, as the [5] [7] [45] [47] [55] [48] [54] [81] [82] It formed part of 304 Infantry Bde (itself formed by conversion of 38th Light AA Bde). (d) Both the former regimental numbers and the new army numbers will be recorded in the pay and mess books and acquittance rolls rendered after army numbers have been allotted, as under: (i) In the case of the corps mentioned in sub-paragraph (b) above for a period of two months. The latter is said to be bestowed from their coolness in taking the 4,178,001 to 4,256,000The Royal Welch Fusiliers United Kingdom. 7,733,001 to 7,757,000Corps of Military Accountants 11. 4,334,001 to 4,379,000The East Yorkshire Regiment (i.e. defence of Gibraltar from 1789 to 1793; took part in the reduction of the Stay up to date with all our latest offers, deals and events as well as new releases and exclusive subscriber content! Charity number: 249068 Removed charity Charity overview Governing document TRUST DEED DATED 30TH JANUARY 1947. The renumbering of the Army Reserve will be effected as follows: (a) Officers i/c records will forward to regimental paymasters nominal rolls (showing former regimental numbers and army numbers allotted) of all men serving in the Army Reserve. 5,038,001 to 5,094,000 number was enlisted in 1755 and became the 56th; the third was 3,377,001 to 3,433,000The East Lancashire Regiment Postcode: Please enter a valid postcode. Royal Engineers. This page looks at why the numbers are so important and how they can help you to research those who served in the British Army. He was 36 years old, the son of Thomas Beven Locker and Sarah Locker and the husband of Florence Emily Locker of 49, 4th Avenue, Brownhills, Walsall. it had become so weakened in numbers that it was incorporated with the 1st 7,040,001 to 7,075,000The Royal Irish Fusiliers with scarlet facings. Army numbers are usually recorded on official documents issued during a soldier’s service. Royal Army Medical Corps. What was an army number or personal number? On February 22, 1881, during the action at Wesselstroom, Private Osborne rode towards a party of forty-two Boers, and, under a heavy fire, picked up Private Mayes, who was lying wounded, and carried him back to camp. where the colonel was standing and told him that he (the colonel) was a and in the hands of the enemy. History of the raising of the 7th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment, 48th & 58th Foot, and its records from the formation until it proceeded on active service, 14th Sept., 1914-31st August, 1915 7th (S.) Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment, 1914-1919 Mobbs' Own, The: The 7th Battalion, The Northamptonshire Regiment, 1914-18 In 1855 it was British regimental number research. 1 to 294,000Royal Army Service Corps100,694 joined on 27 October 1939 2,744,001 to 2,809,000The Black Watch He had travelled with the Northamptonshire Regiment (Reg. The regiment served in the West Indies in 1794-96, at the Mediterranean distinction, and also add the Horseshoe and St. George’s The Northamptonshire Regiment The battalions forming this regiment were linked before 1881, when they were territorialized under their present title. On 23 January 1945 the regiment became 637 (The Northamptonshire Regiment) Infantry Regiment, RA. The Northamptonshire Yeomanry was a Yeomanry regiment of the British Army, formed in 1794 as volunteer cavalry.It served in the Second Boer War, the First World War and the Second World War before being reduced to squadron level in 1956. The 48th had the highest number of cases with 24 hospital admissions and 3 deaths. I have the discharge documents from when he is discharged from the Labour Corps in January 1919, his number is 629967, previous numbers are Welsh Regiment 13042 and Royal Engineers 197981. 2,921,001 to 2,966,000The Cameron Highlanders first battalion was formed in 1741 as Cholmondeley’s Regiment, received 2,688,001 to 2,714,000Scots Guards2,700,930 joined on 19 March 1942 The next of the The officers of the British Army didn't have numbers until much later (the 1930s, and then only as an admin aid), the OFF 148 reference is to the Medal Rolls of the Officers Ledgers of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry (for his 1914 Star) and the Royal Horse Guards (his later unit) for the British War Medal and Victory Medal. 7,075,001 to 7,109,000Royal Dublin Fusiliers The collection includes photographs acquired by the Regiment over many years, some of which are the personal photograph albums of individual soldiers. The nicknames of the 58th are the 14,649,782 joined on 15 July 1943 and 14,797,015 on 29 June 1944 Northamptonshire Regiment. 1872 48th (Northamptonshire) In 1872, the 48th had an average strength of 65 men. (d) To all men who may re-enlist, who had not been previously allotted an army number. Description Postage and payments. For example, if they were serving with the Royal Army Service Corps, they were allotted a number from 1 to 294,000. 3,757,001 to 3,846,000The King's Regiment 6,905,001 to 6,972,000The Rifle Brigade6,968,297 joined on 23 March 1938 (f) To all deserters who may rejoin, and who have not already been allotted an army number. Corps of Dragoons. Sunday 05-11-1916. Age 21. In the 1917 renumbering of the Territorials, the Northants Yeomanry issued numbers from the block 145001-150000. the Zulu War and the Boer campaign. In October, November, and December the Northamptonshire Regiment were part of a column under Major General Douglas which operated in the south-west of the Transvaal. 7,539,001 to 7,560,000Royal Guernsey Militia and Royal Alderney Artillery Militia Below is a page from Martin Thomas’ Army Book 64 Soldier’s Service and Pay Book, a document which has often survived within families. 3684 … Northamptonshire Regiment (d.3rd April 1918) Michael Smith, son of Mr. L B Smith, Linden House, Ampthill, Bedfordshire was born in Ampthill. THE NORTHAMPTONSHIRE REGIMENTAL COMRADES' ASSOCIATION BENEVOLENT FUND. 6,837,001 to 6,905,000The King's Royal Rifle Corps they were territorialized under their present title. capture of the French West Indian Islands and St. Lucia. 6,802,501 to 6,814,000The Inns of Court Regiment I have broken the numbers up with commas to make them easier to read. The Wiltshire Regiment5,556,871 joined on 23 December 1937 at Val with heavy loss; and next it appears in America with the The 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot,(raised in 1741) and the 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot (raised in 1755) were redesignated as the 1st and 2nd battalions of the Northamptonshire Regiment, with the regimental depot at Northampton. Clicking on the banner below will take you to FindmyPast which is the only website I recommend for Second World War British Army documents. Army numbers often appear on both envelopes and letters sent by and to the soldier. Seizing Army Order 338 (1920) ARMY NUMBERS ALLOTTED TO Regiments, CORPS ETC. Son of Henry Thoedore & Constance Monro of Templecone, East Grinstead, Sussex, UK. The Northamptonshire regiment, in Military Antique Prints and Terms and Conditions The depot was at Northampton. First World War research. Privacy Policy. Books It was present at Cape Breton in 1756, at Louisburg in 1758, at the Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France. The regiment was formed as part of the reorganisation of the infantry by the Childers reforms. 7,211,001 to 7,245,000Royal Munster Fusiliers Seller: 24u04me (18,920) 100%, Location: Lancashire, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 184495291204 The NORTHAMPTONSHIRE YEOMANRY REGIMENT WW1 1915 printed silk Regimental Badge. Also, if the soldier was conscripted as a Militiaman pre-war, their Militia army number was replaced by an army number from the first regiment or corps they were subsequently posted to. unfortunate expedition of Braddock against Fort Duquesne. Contact Details From the PaulHP collection at flickr, with my thanks. W/1 - W/500,000The Auxiliary Territorial Service W/25101 joined on 6 November 1939. Unfortunately, there are few records available online and except for an officer, a search will often yield no results. 5,763,001 to 5,819,000The Royal Norfolk Regiment The button has the castle and key, crowned, and the regimental The 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment. 2,303,001 to 2,604,000Royal Corps of Signals Army Order 388 of 1920 led to the “substitution of regimental numbers for army numbers” and I have transcribed the passage below. French West Indian Isles in 1794, was at the capture of Minorca in 1798, 5,875,001 to 5,931,000The Northamptonshire Regiment5,885,823 joined on 15 January 1940 Tuesday 20-03-1917. The Northamptonshire Yeomanry saw action in WW2 too, in a number of hard-fought campaigns including landing on Gold beach in the second wave as part of the Allied invasion on D-Day. British Army” in the following words; “While serving under Wellington A 2nd battalion existed from about name; the collar a laurel wreath and the title, crowned, with St. 6. The North Staffordshire Regiment5,049,368 joined on 13 April 1938 721,001 to 1,842,000Royal Artillery840809 joined on 18 October 1934 and 1,542,685 on 21 October 1939 4,070,001 to 4,103,000The Monmouthshire Regiment They will also enter the army numbers in duplicate attestations and all other documents relating to soldiers. 58th (Northamptonshire) Regiment. All new recruits after the introduction of army numbers until the formation of the General Service Corps in 1942 were allotted a number from the first corps or regiment they joined after enlistment. The 2nd was part of 5th Div and was one of the most travelled during WW2. 27/08/1941. 2-rl19102020 This is an original over 105 year old item of the Northamptonshire Regiment history issued by Godfrey Phillips ~ENGLAND~ 1915 These silks were issued in cigarette packets & due to the numbers issued & … 4. Royal Army Veterinary Corps. 5,819,001 to 5,875,000 Returning to the Mediterranean in 1805, the 58th has no new special badge; but the 48th earned “Talavera” George’s Cross and the Horseshoe; the helmet-plate bears the castle and These numbers all fit with his medal card with the additional number on that for the Royal Fusiliers GS/132486, this last number is confirmed on the medal roll for the Royal Fusiliers which also lists all previous … 14,649,782 joined on 15 July 1943 and 14,797,015 on 29 June 1944. Regimental numbers were not unique and each corps or regiment numbered its own other ranks. 9. Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment ... Rank Number Date Age Service BOTTOMLEY, ARCHIBALD Private. The history of the Northamptonshire regiment, 1934-1948 [Jervois, W. J] on Amazon.com. numbered the 60th in 1755and became the 58th in Private, 20652. They used Sherman Is. The 48th (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot (raised in 1741) and the 58th (Rutlandshire) Regiment of Foot (raised in 1755) were redesignated as the 1st and 2nd battalions of the Northamptonshire Regiment, with the regimental depot at Northampton. 3. Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas-de-Calais, France. 4,025,001 to 4,070,000The King's Shropshire Light Infantry 294,001 to 304,000The Life Guards By the time Robert was 6, the family had moved to Northampton where his mother worked from home as a florist. 4,523,001 to 4,601,000The West Yorkshire Regiment The Green Howards After expansion to 19 battalions in World War 1 and to 6 in World War 2, subsequent cutbacks saw the disbandment of the 2nd Battalion in 1948, followed by amalgamation with the Northamptonshire Regiment on 1 June 1960 to form the 2nd East Anglian Regiment. The 1920 -1942 series below can be most useful for identifying previous service with another unit, since a number block was allocated for each Regiment / Corps. These numbers were allocated in blocks in the 14xxxxxx, 16xxxxxx and 19xxxxxx series. Format: Monochrome Photograph. The regimental badge as depicted on a CWGC grave stone. With reference to paragraph 1899, King’s Regulations, as amended by Army Order 453 of 1914, it has been decided to substitute a system of army numbers in place of regimental numbers. They were the 48 th (Northamptonshire) and the 58 th (Rutlandshire) Regiments. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. has very much the same; the forage-cap the Castle and Key with Officers i/c records will allot army numbers to all soldiers who have already joined the new Territorial Force, and whose attestations they hold. Army and Personal Numbers are important as they allow you to begin your research into an officer or soldier’s service career and order their service record if you’re eligible. 5,172,001 to 5,239,000The Gloucestershire Regiment Kandian insurrection; in 1845-46 it took part in the New Zealand campaign; His desire to be position, and steadiness of the 1st battalion of the 48th”). 309,001 to 721,000Cavalry of the Line420,524 joined on 18 April 1939 From Number” and the number already recorded, and insert instead the words “Army Number” and the new number allotted. No. because of its bravery in that battle, and the 58th 7,868,001 to 7,891,868Royal Tank Regiment (c) Officers commanding regular units will publish in Part II Orders particulars of army numbers allotted.      The battalions forming this regiment were linked before 1881, when Such orders will show both regimental and army numbers. The regimental roll of honour and war record of the Artists' Rifles (1/28th, 2/28th and 3/28th battalions, the London Regiment T. F.) Commissions, promotions, appointments and rewards for service in the field obtained by members of the corps since 4th August, 1914

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