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squirrel proof suet feeder

This feeder is meant to feet suet cakes, which will attract woodpeckers, wrens, jays, and others like them. Stokes Select Squirrel Proof Double Suet Bird Feeder with Metal Roof, 10-Inch Diameter, 2 Suet Cake Capacity 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,951. Locating your feeder. But once properly secured, it should not be an issue. It’s easy to make and can be a great solution for squirrel proofing an existing bird feeder. Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder, 11. More than those features, the squirrels that come cannot open the lid keeping your seeds safe from this incredibly annoying creatures. Squirrel-X Squirrel Proof Double Suet Feeder, Cage Bird Feeder, 2 Suet Cake Capacity. I think another good thing about this squirrel buster is that it is very easy to install – it can be dismantled by hand into individual components without the need for complicated tools –install by hand. When it comes to overall quality and performance, Droll Yankees Yankee Flipper is a top-notch feeder that will keep the squirrels out and the birds abundant. It comes with a lifetime care warranty. I happen to really like this new suet feeder. I also like the feature wherein the perch hatch automatically blocks the access to food if a large bird or squirrels hops into it. I have since replaced it with an Audubon Mini absolute squirrel proof feeder. Squirrel Buster Suet Squirrel-proof Suet Bird Feeder. Most of the seed types are attractive to squirrels as well so there is almost no way out of them. Not your perfect feeder but definitely worth having. The tighter the better. Squirrel Proof Suet Feeders. “ I have two of the Brome Squirrel-Proof Plus Feeders (the best feeders I have ever used) and added the new Brome Squirrel-Proof Suet Feeder in the middle. The best types of birdseed, including black oil sunflower seeds, nuts, and suet, are just as attractive to squirrels as they are to birds. Feeding birds is a rewarding experience but it can be frustrating at times too. It is those times when you wish you have more feeder poles and just install beautiful baffles to protect them from pesky raccoons, squirrels or even bears. As a result, there’s more nutrition for your backyard birds and less food on the ground to attract unwanted guests. 8. The squirrel proof suet feeder also has another feature that means less maintenance and cleaning for you: The lower tier serves as a Crumb Port. This item Stokes Select Squirrel Proof Double Suet Bird Feeder with Metal Roof, 10-Inch Diameter, 2 Suet Cake Capacity. Probably the best anti squirrel bird feeder there is. Squirrel Proof Squirrel-Be-Gone. Details. On top of that it is very easy to fill. And I mean it when I say ‘birds’ as other pests like squirrels or raccoons have no way of reaching the feeder nor climbing the glass window. The best types of birdseed, including black oil sunflower seeds, nuts, and suet, are just as attractive to squirrels as they are to birds.At first, it may seem like a squirrel is a welcome addition to backyard wildlife, and many birders don't mind occasional squirrel visits. CDN$ 19.99 CDN$ 19. It does a great job of keeping the suet locked in the best feeder while preventing the squirrels from reaching it. Some of the most notable material you can use will be a PVC pipe, which is actually strong enough to hold the seeds. Many years ago I bought the Perky-Pet Squirrel-be-gone II feeder. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. You also need to protect it from harm, even if it’s squirrel proof. Unlike other regular feeders, this one has the capacity that is large enough to keep you at peace for quite a while—3 lbs. The Droll Yankee squirrel proof bird feeder is true to its description, “squirrel proof” as no squirrel can get pass through the feeder’s ‘rotating’ system when a squirrel tries to steal some expensive bird seed. I love it because it is not just stopping squirrels from feasting on the seeds but also protecting the seeds from the elements – rain, snow and strong wind. In fact, I made a review about squirrel feeders – if you can’t beat them, feed them. That is aside from its slick clear design. Share a Post. For the complete DIY tutorial, check out Bird Watching Bliss here. The weight of squirrels and other pests instantly shuts off access of food. This is efficiency by design! Proofing the feeder against squirrel is undoubtedly the best you can do to protect your birds, your yard and your feeder. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. CDN$50.09. This is one of those products you don’t know you can’t resist because it surely does its job – keeping squirrels out. Many squirrel proof bird feeder reviews today have their own system of deterring the pesky squirrels from coming over. They're beaten every single time - saving your precious seed for the birds. Both types of Woodpeckers LOVE it and frequent our yard/feeders. 3.8 out of 5 stars 450. The saga against squirrels is real. There are various choices when it comes to squirrel proof bird feeders. Birds are totally safe though. And by rule of thumb, hanging it at least 4” above the ground to make sure birds see it and squirrels can’t get into it. Depending on whether you only want to feed smaller ones, this is a minor issue. Ships from and sold by Amazon.ca. Stokes Select Squirrel Proof Double Suet Bird Feeder with Metal Roof, 10-Inch Diameter, 2 Suet Cake Capacity. All Rights Reserved. The seeds are kept safe in a plastic tube in the middle of the round cage and while small birds enjoy the treats, squirrels have no choice but to watch from the sidelines, in frustration. That seemed like a great method! Pros . You need to find the right spot for the feeder and pick the right seeds. And why not when they manufacture such great equipment and food making birders very happy. Even if the system is much like other squirrel proof feeders – weight of the squirrels causes the automatic closure of the access to the seed, this Woodlink squirrel proof bird feeder has more beneficial features including double sided entry, seed saver baffle and adjustable weight settings. Then cut at the lower corners of the "U" on the 1" extensions on each side - 4 cuts. The bottom opens up for cleaning making the birder’s job a tad easier and of course easy to fill. The birds can fly away but the squirrel has to solidly fall on the ground. What Does It Mean When You See a Cardinal Bird? The only downside of this beautiful product is when it meets a squirrel patient enough to chew on the plastic container. Some of the most notable ones are the automatic weight system and baffles as barriers to the feeder. Squirrel proof means making sure no squirrel will ever get to the seeds. The feeders are surely well designed and work great in every aspect of birding. The squirrel baffle works by keeping squirrels from climbing up your bird feeder. A little more zap can go a long way to either make the squirrel try again or go away permanently. Squirrels and Bird Feeders . BF007FB Kingfisher Squirrel Guard Fat Ball Feeder 4.4 out of 5 stars 834. Get it by Thursday, Dec 31. If they hop on the bird feeder, the weight activated seed protection automatically covers the seed ports leaving the pesky squirrel with no choice but to hop off. DIY Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder. The Nuttery Suet Block Feeder offers a safe haven as it is designed to allow smaller birds in, but excludes large birds such as pigeons, magpies and rooks and squirrels. Bird feeding is quite an art form. Experts rated it as 5. Audubon did a great job by coming out with this clear squirrel baffle, which can actually be used hanging or on a pole. I am personally recommending this product for reasons such as entertainment; seeing the beautiful birds in style as well as watching the squirrels try but not succeeding from entering or getting a share of the precious seeds. Squirrel-X Double Suet Feeder. The possibility of getting a defected product is diminished tremendously. View Details. Our bestselling Selective Feeder! Copper Squirrel Proof Suet Feeder (Out of Stock) Price: $79.95 Add to Cart. 48. Stokes Select Squirrel-Proof Caged Bird Feeder. Why? More buying choices CDN$ 49.20 (5 new offers) Squirrel Stopper SQC05 Squirrel Stopper Pole Set, 18. No-fuss bird feeders techniques explained 5 Mar. how the raccoon proof squirrel proof lifelong suet feeder works Birds are creatures of habit, and it can take them days or even weeks to use a new feeder. The outer cage on this bird feeder ensures that only smaller birds can get in to feed on the two suet … All types of rodents also welcome the free meal, but none more agile, dextrous, and determined than the squirrel. No suet will ever be touched by squirrels, unless it has become extremely small, that it will naturally fall off the feeder cage. Getting it tightly sealed using a wooden base will ensure that squirrels will never damage it. Buying a squirrel proof feeders can now be just by few clicks of your computer mouse. I love this product because it does not only deter squirrels but the cost itself makes it practical – affordable yet efficient – a rarity in the bird feeding world. Stokes Select 38069 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, 7. Myard MBF 75160-G Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, 15. Tag Archives: squirrel proof suet feeder. I ordered a new one. Stokes Select Double Suet Bird Feeder with Metal Roof, Two Suet Capacity 4.6 out of 5 stars 722. There’s definitely practical in this feeder – the cage, which means no regular squirrels can go through even if they try their hardest. Not that it is impossible but it will be very hard to get it. She re-broke it every time, then sat inside and ate like a pig. Now, that’s you call karma for the pesky squirrel. A wide variety of squirrel proof suet feeder options are available to … 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,189. Price: $39.95 Add to Cart. But aside from it being squirrel proof, it also holds at least 8 lbs of seed, which means that I don’t need to refill it so often. It is made of 16-gauge steel that means no chewing squirrel will ever get through it. Reply. Deters larger “bully” birds, leaving plenty of energy-rich suet for smaller birds; Weight automatic system. Then designing and creating your own squirrel proof bird feeder might be a good idea. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, MEKKAPRO Squirrel Proof Double Suet Wild Bird Feeder with Hanging Metal Roof, Two Suet Capacity, 11oz Year Round Premium Hot Pepper Bird Suet Cake 12pk, Blue Seal 11oz Year Round Premium Woodpecker Suet Cake 12pk, Nature's Rhythm Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder of Weather Guard 4 Classic Ports,1.5lb Seed Capacity(Black), Stokes Select 38129 Cake Suet Buffet Bird Feeder with Metal Roof, Four, Brown, Audubon 7458 4 Lb Capacity Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, SUQ I OME Outdoor Bird Feeder, Squirrel Proof Metal Bird Feeder Wild Bird Feeders Automatic Hanging Fat Ball Holder Feeding Tool for Birds(Special Design), PREDATORGUARD Squirrel Guard Baffle - Protects Hanging Bird Feeders & Poles - Raccoon & Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeders & Bird Houses - Anti-Rust Galvanized Steel - 17 Inch, Set of 3 Bird Feeder Seed Ball Sunflower Feeder Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders for Outside,Set of 3 Green,Blue,Orang, Perky-Pet Bamlft The Loft Bamboo Wild Bird Feeder, Tan, Dhohoo Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder, Hanging Wild Bird Feeder Garden Decoration for Bird 1-Pound Capacity, Songbird Essentials Suet Saver Suet Bird Feeder, Nature's Way Bird Products CWF2 Cedar Suet Upside-Down Bird Feeder, Backyard Expressions - Set of 3 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders for Outside - Bonus Ebook and Bird Attraction Audio Included - Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders, Squirrel Buster Classic Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Feeding Ports, 2.4-pound Seed Capacity, Audubon Seeds 'n More Metal Hopper Bird Feeder Model 7452R, Nature's Way Bird Products CWF1 Cedar Suet Cake Feeder, 11oz Year Round Premium High Energy Bird Suet Cake 12pk, 11oz Year Round Premium Peanut Blend Bird Suet Cake 12pk, Gray Bunny Classic Metal Tube Feeder, Premium Metal Outdoor Birdfeeder with Steel Perches and Steel Hanger, Solid Hard Tube, Chew-Proof and Lasts A Lifetime, Weatherproof and Water Resistant, 11oz Year Round Premium Orange Bird Suet Cake 12pk, Birds Choice 2 Arm Topper Bird Feeder Pole Set with Squirrel Baffle, Kettle Moraine Window Mount Single Suet Cake Woodpecker Bird Feeder, Gray Bunny Caged Tube Feeder, Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder, Outdoor Birdfeeder with Large Metal Seed Guard Deterrent for Large Birds, Audubon Squirrel-Resistant Caged Screen Feeder Model NACAGE, Suet Bird Feeder for Outside [Double Capacity] Suet Wild Bird Feeder with Hanging Metal Roof, Suet Feeders for Outside, for Use with Suet Cakes, Seed Cakes, Mealworm Cakes, Effortless Products 010134 905Brbg Wild Bird Feeders, Brown/Tan, Rubicon Suet Feeder with Tail Prop Hunter Green, Stokes Select 38074 Deck Hook with Clamp On Bracket for Bird Feeders and Mor, large, black, Perky-Pet C00322 Red Cardinal Bird Feeder, iPrimio Deluxe Squirrel-Raccoon Stopper 18"-"No Need to Take Down Pole Model- No Tool Install with Our Newest Design - Wrap Around Stopper - Stops Squirrels - Protect Bird Feeder Feeders -, AUDUBON NACLBAF16 Clear Squirrel Baffle, 16-Inch, Woodlink NABAF18 Audubon Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle, 18-Inch - Black, Squirrel Buster Suet Squirrel-proof Suet Bird Feeder w/2 Suet Cake Trays, 2 Crumb Ports, Mess-free Suet Loading,Green, The Nuttery NC001 Hexihaus Compact Suet Feeder, Audubon Going Green Suet Feeder Model NAGGSUET, Squirrel Solution200 Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/6 Feeding Ports, 3.4-pound Seed Capacity, Free Seed Funnel, Bird Feeding Station Bird Feeders Poles Kit Multi Feeder Hanging Kit Premium Bird Bath for Attracting Wild Birds Birdfeeder & Planter Hanger (Bird Feeding Station), Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Metal Perches, 1.3-pound Seed Capacity, Birds Choice SNTP Bird Single-Cake Tail-Prop Suet Feeder with Green Top, beige, Squirrel Buster Legacy Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Metal Perches, 2.6-pound Seed Capacity, Squirrel Buster Finch Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/4 Metal Perches & 8 Feeding Ports, 2.4-pound Thistle/Nyjer Seed Capacity, Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Wild Bird Feeder – 2 lb, Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder, Perfect for Political Gag Gifts or for a Gift Exchange, Keep Squirrels Away from The Bird Feeder and Entertaining You Instead, Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/Cardinal Ring and 6 Feeding Ports, 5.1-pound Seed Capacity, Adjustable, Pole-mountable (POLE ADAPTOR SOLD SEPARATELY), Green, Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder Hanging for Garden Yard Outside Decoration, Lighthouse Shaped, Hanizi Premium Bird Feeding Station, Feeder Hanging Kit and Bird Bath for Attracting Wild Birds, 23.2" Wide x 90.2" Tall, More Birds X-1 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder with 4.2-Pound Bird Seed Capacity and Four Feeding Ports, Droll Yankees CJM13GP 13in Green New Generation Metal Peanut Feeder, 13" H, Squirrel Buster Peanut+ Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder w/Woodpecker Friendly Tail Prop, holds 1.3 pounds of Shelled Peanuts Only, Hanging Chain for Bird Feeders, Birdbaths, Chimes, Planters, Lanterns and Ornaments, Metal Hook (Black,156 Inch), Birds Choice SNBLOCK Recycled Large Suet OR Seed Block Feeder, Fox Valley Traders White Squirrel Baffle, 16.5” Diameter – Weather-Resistant Flexible Plastic Mounts to Any Bird Feeder, Easy-to-Use Baffle Protects Bird Food from Aggressive Squirrels, Birds Choice NP431 Classic Squirrel Resistant Wild Bird Feeder with Pole Mount Included, Weather and Squirrel Proof Backyard Birdseed Feeder, Green, 11oz Year Round Premium Sunflower Bird Suet Cake 12pk, Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder Hanging for Garden Yard Outside Decoration, Hexagon Shaped with Roof. More buying choices CDN$ 49.20 (5 new offers) Perky-Pet 114 Squirrel Stumper Feeder, 3 lbs. The feeders are enclosed in a cage to keep squirrels out. Price: $39.95 Add to Cart. Two Suet cakes allow a number of Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Titmice and Chickadees to feed at the same time. 82 Price: $49.95 Add to Cart. The 'best' squirrel proof suet feeder I have found is a long wooden 'post' feeder with holes drilled thru it. CDN$ 49.48 CDN$ 49. Squirrels, even with their sharp incisors’, can’t break this material. Roamwild Fat Ball & Suet Feeder. I never regretted paying a bit more for this product as its benefits far outweigh the cost of it. In addition to the design, I recommend this feeder for various reasons: 6 ports, small enough for birds to peck, weight activated cage against squirrels and steel materials against chewing. The feeder on its own is great. One often-shared tip for a squirrel-proof feeder involves hanging a bar of Irish Spring soap in a sock nearby. All these squirrel proof bird feeders are made with strong metal constructions which resist damage and protect your bird food.. Love them or hate them, squirrels can often cleverly find their way to your bird food supply. Squirrel Proof Double Suet Feeder, Brown. Avoid putting your feeder near window ledge or the fence too.

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