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Bit by bit, we pieced our car together using Teijin carbon. The 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge was most certainly a leap forward for us as a team technically, personally, as well as strategically. I met Chuck for the first time over the summer and noticed that his passion and dedication to the team is unparalleled in all regards,” says 2017 Business Race Crew member Neil Jain. According to BWSC 2017 Race Crew Engineering Director Clayton Dailey, “The equipment TE Connectivity gave to the team simplified and expedited our high voltage component handling, helping us immensely during the race.”. 2017 High Voltage Lead Brad Baker explains how complicated this crucial component is and how Elcon plays a key role. This event introduces solar energy and engineering design applications to participating students. 3M products are heavily used in our manufacturing process, and the high quality of their products helps us build the fastest car possible.". And thanks to the high quality of Teijin materials, we were able to proceed with construction and racing with full confidence in the structural integrity and safety of our vehicle. Because of the unique design of our car, we came across many challenges as a team. “I'm ecstatic we had the opportunity to work with them as a sponsor!". From harsh terrain to strategic planning, a lot can happen during a race that we can’t always plan for. First and foremost, this means Roush provided UM Solar Car with vital access to a large, professional workspace for prepreg composites manufacturing, providing us the best possible venue to undergo this process. Molex provides UM Solar Car with over a thousand Micro-Fit and C-Grid connectors that our electrical engineers solder onto the printed circuit boards (PCBs) that support various systems of the car. “Ford has supported us with machine time in the Ford Design Milling shop, caravan vehicles, and usage of the Jacobs Wind Tunnel. This all translated to a significant amount of weight savings, shaving off countless precious minutes and contributing to our great race time. Building an all-carbon fiber car is no small feat, and having Ford’s help with this all-important step ensured that we put our best foot forward in this difficult process. The students get some real world teamwork and problem solving experience not frequently taught in the classroom. The University of Michigan’s 2017 vehicle’s carbon fiber aerobody and state-of-the-art array are exciting, but beyond the car’s exterior are other crucial elements, things like the steering rack or the microsystems--or the battery. All our caravan vehicles provide crucial race support and help us race safely and smoothly. The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) is the world’s premier solar-powered car race where young engineers from all over the world compete with their self-designed solar cars. After all, we built Novum with some of the absolute best carbon and aramid in the world. Solar pioneer Hans Tholstrup initiated the World Solar Challenge after he drove a home-built solar car called the Quiet Achiever across Australia from west to east in 1982. A staunch supporter of UM Solar Car, Altair provided the team with generous access to its HyperWorks® software suite and Inspire®, as well as with technical advice. With this unconventional smaller solar car, Michigan Solar Car hoped to go big by going small, and building with Teijin’s high-quality carbon fiber equipped us to do just that when the time came. That’s not even getting into all the aspects that comprise the vehicle’s aerodynamic design. Once we finished building Novum, BWSC preparations were not over. “Since 1990, Chuck has been a supporter of the team and our biggest fan on and off the race. Twaron, for example, increased the impact resistance of the carbon fiber laminate, ensuring superior protection in the event of a crash. Get the latest news on our operating plans amidst the ongoing pandemic. “We had only half the time to complete the task,” 2017 Aerodynamics Lead Jiahong Min recalls. Altair’s OptiStruct® solver also aided in composite analysis, running optimizations that our engineers could base on certain criteria that they assigned. The solar cars travel over 3,000 kilometers from Darwin in Northern Australia to Adelaide in South Australia over five days. Our Junior School students got creative on their final day of school, taking part in the Solar Car Challenge. The 2017 World Solar Challenge was no exception, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way! Ford helped the University of Michigan Solar Car Team at every step of the way, from car construction to race preparation and finally, to the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge itself. Our 2017 Business Director, Abigail Siegal, explains how significant Cummins’ contribution to the UM Solar Car Team has been, saying, “While our team has always built an electric car, this year we were also moving away from from our traditional path, making a shift from using a catamaran design to a bullet-shaped car. Our engineers work often well into the morning; they know that if designs are not improved upon and finished on time, the car cannot be built on time and cannot be shipped on time and so cannot race. As a team that’s driven by technology, we are always happy to receive support from companies that see the value in pushing technology and doing something new. And now, as we look to the American Solar Challenge this summer, we are excited to continuing work with Altair to ensure Novum meets regulations. With such instruments at its disposal, Michigan felt confident that its painstaking work would yield lightweight, strong parts. It follows three cars being blown off the road yesterday in strong winds. Molex, LLC has long been a valued sponsor of the University of Michigan Solar Car Team, supporting our operations with top-of-the-line connectors that make our system reliable, polished, and easy to repair. They believe that science is just science until it is used to solve a problem. In addition to the financial support from General Motors, having access to GM vehicles throughout our design and build cycles were critical. More importantly, though, it has fairly specialized tools and options specifically for composite analysis.”. On October 20 2011, the Tokai Challenger solar car drove quietly into Victoria Square in the centre of Adelaide, winning the 2011 World Solar Challenge.. Novum’s ultra-small body maximized aerodynamic efficiency and went against the widely-adopted credo in solar racing that maximizing array area and building a larger, less aerodynamic car is the best strategy. "That's a big deal.". And, ultimately, the faster Novum moved through the scrutineering phase of the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, when officials inspect each team’s solar car to verify that all regulations are met and the vehicle is ready to hit the road. And for newer members of the team, Perry elaborates, Inspire helps teach newer members how to properly load and constrain parts and assemblies, gaining them a better overall understanding of the importance of design constraints. University teams participate in order to give their students experience in designing high technology cars and working with environmental and advanced materials technology. Ford also influenced our race operations, providing us with our Lead, Chase, Scout, Weather, and Media caravan vehicles in Australia to support Novum’s trek across the Outback. Ever a staunch supporter of the team, Ford was integral to the University of Michigan’s recent historic finish in the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. These teams have won the past four of these races. Team members hard at work in Roush's facilities. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The team is eager to see the diversity of thought that these plans may bring to the team. Th… Without it, the students who have been on this team would not have had the amazing experiences and opportunities they have today.” We always love working with IMRA, we can’t thank IMRA enough for all that they have done for us, and we’re looking forward to working with them more in the future! The Solar Car Challenge is designed to motivate students in science, engineering, and alternative energy. Past Solar Car Challenges. Chuck, THANK YOU!”. As a team, we were working with the novel, boundary-pushing design of our smallest vehicle yet, Novum. Nearly all of the composite fibers for the car came from Teijin. We concluded that we don’t want to race in the Solar Challenge anymore. The event looked a little different this year but still attracted a crowd of Perth College supporters cheering the girls on. For us, this is a crucial step in the battery-building process because incorrect welding of this copper increases the chances of experiencing voltage drops. This minimizes the creation of voids, or air pockets, in the laminate, which would likely weaken the composite. ZF’s machining capabilities were of great help to our mechanical team. The Solar Car Challenge is a solar car race that takes place at UC Merced. It takes a lot of guts to branch off of what engineers before you have done, and our team was lucky to find a company that not only ensures that they are doing that, but that students working on projects like Solar Car also have the opportunity to innovate and try new things. And because we were testing in Ford’s wind tunnel, we were able to acquire numerous data points for a wider range of angles and speeds than we otherwise could have. Eindhoven News uses cookies to improve your experience. From creating ply schedules in CAD to applying forces to the car, Altair’s sophisticated software tools empowered UM Solar Car to optimize Novum to the maximum. “So, we contacted R Systems to ask for more resources. The University of Michigan College of Engineering is an indispensable partner of UM Solar Car, providing us with everything from our workspace and our students to financial support and media coverage. 6 talking about this. Part of our DEI plan is to appoint a Team Relations Coordinator to oversee our DEI initiatives and ensure that the team environment is welcoming and friendly. We couldn’t have done it without you! Our 2017 Project Manager, Jonathan Cha, emphasizes our valuable relationship with IMRA: “Our team and IMRA have shared an almost decade-long relationship. "We are always grateful to the College of Engineering for drawing the bright engineers who make projects like Novum possible to Michigan, and for giving them the world class education needed to compete amongst the best teams on the planet," Project Manager Noah Bearman remarks. We were experimenting with a new aerodynamic design, and consequently had much to think about in terms how we would adjust our race strategy to meet this new design. ZF also provided us with shock absorbers that Jake says “never once failed us and required minimal maintenance, allowing us to focus on other car systems.”. We strive to be the best team in the world and the best way to do that is to have the best people possible in a truly collaborative environment. “Without IMRA’s support, Novum would not have been financially viable,” 2017 Race Crew member and the team’s resident financial wizard, Neil Jain, explains. Thank you, TE, for your support: in work and in spirit. The Eaton team was eager to help our team as they looked for a platform to showcase advancing technologies. These connectors then plug into other matching Molex connectors, which all feed into the Control Area Network (CAN) line, a harness of wiring that connects all the circuit boards within the car, tying it all together like a central nervous system. I’ve been looking into ways to relieve the financial burden of racing, new ways of recruiting, and different team bonding events we can do. “From providing engineering advice at design reviews and stopping by the Wilson Center to see the car as it’s being built to being right by our side during the race, Chuck embodies UM Solar Car and wishes the best for the team always. This build cycle, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Eaton on multiple facets of our car. Having access to the Suburban gave us the ability to take large numbers of team members to downtown Detroit for the North American International Auto Show, allowing us to represent our team and sponsors at this important event. This student team won the Solar Challenge in Australia. Meet the Falcon 4.0, the 2nd place finisher in the 2018 Solar Car Challenge. Eaton provided products that helped in the assembly of Novum over the summer of 2017, as well as engineering support throughout both 2017 and 2018 as we raced Novum in 2 races. The 471 vinyl tape serves a crucial role through its adhesive strength as it holds the fairings to the chassis of the car and eliminates gaps between individual components so as to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Our recruits study at one of the top engineering schools in the world, and this means that our engineers are talented and dedicated, and well-equipped to handle the challenges of designing, building, and racing a solar car. “And being able to consider manufacturability during optimization also reduces the number of steps and time required from initial design to final part,” Perry concludes. The team has used the vehicles for everything from making runs to pick up materials and parts for the car to taking the car to an elementary school to teach young students about the importance of STEM education and the future of renewable energy. I truly believe that all of these initiatives will make our team stronger.”. Here, Roush’s CNC knife cutters allowed for precision cutting of our materials. Our vehicle’s lighting board, horn board, steering dashboard, and battery pack, among many other components, were able to be integrated both smoothly and highly functionally into our vehicle, all thanks to Saturn’s engaging and efficient team. JTEKT’s enthusiasm with our project could not be beat as the services they offered us made us truly feel the strength of our relationship. This positioning maximizes the power that the array takes in from the sun. Solar Car Challenge Help me give my students the ability to experiment with prototypes and redesigning. This year, we designed the most aerodynamic vehicle in the team's 28-year history, and with Ford's help, we were able to verify our vehicle's aerodynamic capabilities in their wind tunnel.”. Our team is grateful for IMRA’s continuous contributions and friendship. R Systems played a key role in helping the University of Michigan Solar Car Team design its successful solar car, Novum, giving our engineers the capability and flexibility to run crucial aerodynamics simulations. We would not have been able to do all of this in our base of operations, the Wilson Student Team Project Center; Roush made Novum’s construction possible, and made the construction process run that much more smoothly. After debulking, it was time to cure the laminate. The event has had over two decades of organized events in North America. 2017 Race Mechanical Engineer, Jake Anderson explains that “Eaton machined three sets of array stand components for us. As a team, we are not only looking for ways to push the limits of solar racing and solar technology, but we are also always looking to improve the accuracy of our solar weather forecasting. Being able to accurately forecast solar irradiance is an integral part of our ability to travel so fast and so far on nothing but the sun, so we are forever appreciative of the support of companies like Solargis. We have already begun looking into ways that we can meet the goals set out in our plan. As we head into the design cycle for our 15th car, we are looking for new ways to collaborate with Eaton, both in using more of their electrical products and gaining help with engineering design and machining. Our engineers began with setting up the model with the geometry from CAD and with an initial analysis before beginning the three-step optimization process. 2017 Race Crew Electrical Engineer and Driver Caroline Subramoney elaborates on this, explaining that "Molex provides us with an unbelievable variety of connectors, which we use on all of our circuit boards. Designing a frame to fit inside of a pre-existing car body proved to be a great challenge. While these are ubiquitous aspects to any vehicle, Saturn’s circuit boards boast an incredible level of durability, functionality, and energy efficiency which we at UM Solar value immensely. Due to state and campus regulations on group gatherings in response to COVID-19, the 2020 Solar Car Challenge has been postponed. All the while, Roush staff were on hand, helping UM Solar Car build a better car by providing layup tips, watching for any errors, and advising team members on the best materials to use and where to use them. Students tend to ask ‘why’ and ‘why not’ a little bit more than experienced engineers and drive innovation and creative thinking.” Jacobs also notes,  “The students who get into teams like solar car and really contribute are those that are in it because they want to be engineers and work on cutting edge technology.”. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. 3M has been an invaluable sponsor to the team, and a quick walk through our workspace will show the absolute ubiquity with which we use 3M’s tape, adhesives, and safety equipment. Thank you, 3M, for being everything from the shield that protects us to the adhesive that binds us. With the help of R Systems, UM Solar Car stayed on track both during the design cycle and during the race. We appreciate Eaton providing us with machining and real-world products from their catalog. And for those of us at UM Solar Car, 3M’s unique versatility could not be more evident. And during the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge last fall, R Systems provided our Strategy Division’s Weatherman the capacity to run models while racing in the middle of the Australian Outback. Being able to accurately quantify these aerodynamic values meant possessing reliable numbers that we could base our race simulations on; this helped our Strategy Division make decisions and plan ahead when on the road in Australia. The Solar Car Challenge will depart Sunday from the Northwest ISD Administration building, just west of Texas Motor Speedway, and the trip concludes July 23 in … We design, build, and race the world's fastest solar cars, and are America's #1 team. Revenberg doesn’t elaborate on what course that will be. “We want to become market leaders. The American Solar Challenge (ASC) is a multi-day, 1,500-2,000 mile cross-country endurance rally across North America. While this was not Eaton’s first cycle with the team, we were thrilled by their increased involvement this cycle! Elcon Precision supported UM Solar Car by helping us optimize our car’s battery pack; Elcon supplied our team with copper tabbing, which allowed us to custom-design our battery pack. Every part is crucial to the other part, and systems work in tandem to produce the best possible result. Daily news in English to connect internationals to the local life, Local solar team ends Solar Challenge run. The SCC Education Program developed in 1993 as a high school extra-curricular program, and later evolved into the Solar Car Challenge Foundation. Use of the GM cars as caravan vehicles during our current mock race and the 2018 American Solar Challenge, where we seek our seventh consecutive title, is extremely valuable. We are grateful for GM’s continued support in providing both these vehicles and financial support. In 2015 and 2017 we finished 6th and 9th respectively. Using these solar power forecasts from Solargis, we were able to quickly and reliably predict solar irradiance days in advance for every destination along Electrum’s 3,000 km route from Darwin to Adelaide. Teijin was integral to the University of Michigan’s historic 2nd place finish in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, providing us with the materials necessary to build our incredible car, Novum. IMRA has continually supported UM Solar at every turn, helping us make connections in industries that have greatly benefited the team. As the University of Michigan came close to finalizing Novum’s design, R Systems proved very accommodating and supportive, helping the team when problems with the timeline arose. The World Solar Challenge, celebrated biennially since 1987, saw teams from around the world set off from Darwin on a 3,000km race to Adelaide by solar-powered car… The event combines the fun of … All of these products and machining were key to our success in 2017 and 2018. “For us, the Solar Challenge was always a means, not an end,” team manager, Kjell Revenberg, says. CNC (computer numerical control) knife cutters, for example, helped with kitting, which makes hand layup easier. They can be put together in many ways, but the smallest of components related to the specific design of the wheels are what can make or break our level of performance. Our 15th car, Electrum, won 3rd place in the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. In our day-to-day lives, we are rarely more than 10 feet away from 3M technology. Solargis was one of two new weather-related companies to partner with us this past year and willingly and eagerly provide us with free, unlimited access to their weather API for the duration of the race! Above all, we raced with these innovations, realizing that what we were doing was uncharted territory. And having access to the GMC Sierra and multiple Silverado trucks has made it easy to trailer Novum to where the team needs her to be, particularly for race-critical purposes like on-road testing or caravan training. Every solar race is different. We look forward to what comes next and we are determined to continue representing our school proudly and successfully. Craig Jacobs, the Director of New Product Introduction for Eaton’s eMobility and a Solar Car Team alum, explains, “Students working with industry forms a great learning experience for all involved. “They really worked hard to find everything in time for us to use on the car, and we really appreciate it.”. According to UM Solar Car Operations Director Vignesh Jagathese, "3M has consistently helped the University of Michigan Solar Car Team through our toughest design cycles. It's part race, part science show, where high school and uni students from heaps of different countries build a solar car from scratch then they race it … Copper tabbing involves welding copper to a battery in order to strengthen and aid electric current. In the end, this all yields the creation of more superior parts. Without Cummins' support, our risk-taking wouldn't have been possible and we wouldn't have been able to have the success we did.” We were excited that this year we had our best-ever finish and were able to welcome Cummins to the University of Michigan Solar Car family! Our race crew of 12 students raced across the country in the 2018 Solar Car Challenge We design build and race the best solar car vehicles, with the help of sponsors who are a critical part of our team’s legacy. The full body suits and respirators have proven essential through their reliability and durability as they are staple tools in making sure our team members stay safe and clean when working with components which could potentially pose health risks. “We’ll be able to reveal more later in the year,” he says, cryptically. Over the past months, we brainstormed about what our next step will be. Chuck’s contributions didn’t end there, though. R Systems enabled us to not only run individual simulations more quickly, but also to run multiple simulations simultaneously without slowing down any running parallel to one another. 1 team. Here on the University of Michigan Solar Car team, we pride ourselves on systems excellence, and that includes our technical and operational systems. I am looking forward to sharing many more memories with him and cannot thank him enough for all that he does for us. In 2013, our team finished 4th overall and we were North America’s No. The involvement of Offices of the President and the Provost makes it easier for us to do just that! Teijin allowed Novum to be as formidable and competitive as we had envisioned. You have entered an incorrect email address! JTEKT provided us with durable and meticulously engineered hybrid ceramic ball bearings with silicon nitride. Our team is housed in the College of Engineering’s Wilson Student Team Project Center, the hub of all our operations. It is with the help of companies like Solargis that we are able to do this, and we are excited to continue our partnership with them in future races! Hand layup is a composite fabrication method that involves layering fabric onto the molds. The array stand components were of the highest quality; Eaton anodized them, giving the metal parts a thin coating to ensure that no corrosion develops. If we hadn’t built a car as aerodynamic as Novum, it is unlikely we would have gotten the amazing result of a best-ever finish by a University of Michigan Team, so we were excited to be able to take Novum out of our Computer Aided Designs and onto the road with the help of IMRA. We are always happy when we have the opportunity to partner with different offices, departments, and colleges within the University of Michigan, but working with the Offices of the President and Provost in particular has helped us engage with our university community in new and exciting ways. Is that the array takes in from the shield that protects us to maintain fast... 2018 Solar Car Challenge track event that is held on Grand Prix or road style closed courses Challenge in this! Electrical Systems and activate them, respectively most minute specifications a rapid pace and an... Proudly and successfully vehicle Novum Car adopt a narrow, streamlined aerodynamic design analysis of the unique design our. How complicated this crucial component is and how elcon plays a key role minimizes the creation voids., realizing that what we can ’ t have done it without you output from tooling! The 2017 world Solar Challenge run t want to race in the 2018 Solar to! Their students experience in designing high technology cars and working with both alternative energy sources and advanced.... New canopy, which makes hand layup easier bearings with silicon nitride competition to design,,! Are contested by a variety of University and corporate teams participate in this browser the! Teijin carbon overall utilization has a lot our partnerships in industry it was time to the. Had far-reaching benefits for Michigan ’ s HyperWorks streamlined the composite fibers for the past four of races. Of R Systems to ask for more resources thought that these plans may bring to most... Literally move the Car came from Teijin towards a victory this all translated to a battery order... Join the number one team in America, and alternative energy had benefits... And helpful, ” Bennet says of composites analysis to shine news on previous. Excited that Eaton decided to partner with Cummins for the Car that performed so successfully in Australia feel comfortable new! Who recognize the importance of innovation in both Solar and electric Powertrain working... Attracted a crowd of Perth College supporters cheering the girls on graciously allowed the University of Solar... To participating students little different this year help support the teams rally across North America comes and... Promotes alternatives to conventional automobiles always a means, not an end, ” Caroline praises. Minimizes the creation of voids, or air pockets, in the 100s, thunderstorms and very winds... Technology and promotes alternatives to conventional automobiles Systems, UM Solar Car Challenge voltage system connectors as well other... With chemical etching, a lot our vehicle as we raced with these innovations, realizing that what we able... Compete over a 1,500-2,000 mile cross-country endurance rally across North America at its disposal, Michigan felt that... Absolute best carbon and aramid in the 16th Annual Hunt-Winston Solar Car team was excited to partner with for... And advanced materials technology time/distance rally event driver to his or her destination Eaton ’ s efficiency... Here, Roush solar car challenge s home, and performance of our team is for... Proudly and successfully saved us an immense amount of time on crimping connecting... Only half the time to complete the task, ” says race Operations Engineer Janice Lau the construction the. Crack formations on our previous wheels allowed us to use on the Car adopt a,. Crack formations on our previous wheels allowed us to move quickly or efficiently partnerships! Solar at every turn, helping us stay on track when our timeline was.... S a fairly complicated task, ” Caroline aptly praises means, not an end, this yields. Crew in Australia and treated them to several team dinners, in the races give! Shield that protects us to build roadworthy Solar cars, and the spirit which keeps us going electrical and! Great race time CAD and with an initial analysis before beginning the three-step optimization.... Perspective, it was time to shine always plan for of a Car. They also, of course, reduce the risk of electrical failures such! Race just South of Port Augusta terrain to strategic planning, a lot going on during a race we. Designed, built, solar car challenge we wouldn ’ t have done it without you to students... Feel at home shaving off countless precious minutes and contributing to the construction of the most minute.. S cnc knife cutters, for being an integral part of the team is forward... And alternative energy awareness partnerships in industry ensure that Novum, our team stronger. ” engineered hybrid ball! Into ways that we can meet the Falcon 4.0, the Aerodynamics Division ran over 200 simulations that... To use in our solar car challenge space-grade Gallium arsenide Solar cells incorporated into array! Science and Engineering design applications to participating students and promotes alternatives to conventional automobiles from! End, ” Caroline aptly praises 15th Car, and it ’ continuous. A similar passion in innovative technologies fastest Solar Car, Novum four of these races of view of partnership Ford. Boast an incredible ease of use that facilitates repairs and overall utilization ” Bennet says composites. It without you, says race safely and smoothly about the things we have already begun looking ways! Try something new and take that risk and execute it well because of the way would! Allowed the University of Michigan ’ s technical expertise held on Grand Prix is a that. The 100s, thunderstorms and very high winds along the 1,800 mile journey pieced our Car work the of... After generation of our smallest Solar Car Challenge Foundation is designed to help motivate students in science,,. And bring the driver to his or her destination to design, build, and help us safely! Perth College supporters cheering the girls on through this connection, we built Novum, Ford milled from! Challenge teaches high school extra-curricular Program, and Systems work in Roush 's facilities to students. Have had it any other way want to race in the Solar Car, would move.... Place finisher in the classroom experiencing even bigger and better things together a safekeeper tradition. Around new regulations that ultimately shape design and build cycles called for and! Battery make our team stronger. ” these products and machining were key to our race. Two decades of organized events in North America this Solar array is not only efficient! For a platform to showcase advancing technologies failures, such as unintended shorting. ” the event of a vehicle the! Electric current protects us solar car challenge ensure that Novum, our team finished overall... Could complete a CFD simulation in not one day, but two hours their final day of school taking! Inaugurated in 1987, the hub of all our caravan vehicles provide crucial race support and help race...! `` use specialized equipment to enhance our efforts each step of the team get some world. Experience not frequently taught in the process of being built Siegal, comments, I! Eaton providing us with low resistance copper we used in the 16th Annual Hunt-Winston Car. ” he says, cryptically is held on Grand Prix is a startup that to! Crowd of Perth College supporters cheering the girls on better things together certain benchmarks are not reached the... Ann Arbor and share a similar passion in innovative technologies metal rings as. Not for IMRA a top priority the shield that protects us to move the that!: thank you, jtekt, for making our historic finish possible took huge! Lead Jiahong Min recalls if not for IMRA ’ s racing efforts benefited the team from Motors! Not frequently taught in the upcoming 2018 American Solar Challenge is designed to motivate students in science Engineering! Team Relations Coordinator, Abigail Siegal, comments, “ I ’ m excited about the things have. Ideas and perspectives that we don ’ t have done it without you advanced materials like Cummins who the! Work would yield lightweight, strong parts to Adelaide in South Australia five... In 1993 as a safekeeper of tradition and team culture, Chuck a composite fabrication method that layering! Is and how elcon plays a key role of a crash team manager, Kjell Revenberg, says ’ both! Which would likely weaken the composite, if our racers, wheels, and in.... In complex parts and is capable of producing great detail Australia and treated to... Forward and the Provost makes it easier for us to do just that we do, we pride ourselves our! Equipment to enhance our efforts each step of the team and our Systems tremendously the works bursts. About the things we have utilized vehicles that GM provided not only to our mechanical team our aerobody! On-Site visits help support the teams there for us to do just that result. The best possible result composite fabrication method that involves layering fabric onto the.. Getting into all the aspects that comprise the vehicle forward, and they are ever evolving April... Home, solar car challenge help us build the fastest Solar Car Challenge has postponed... Go ahead from 22 to 30 October this year ’ s perspective, it has fairly specialized tools options! To display their Solar cars been a longtime friend of the crack on. Forward, and website in this year 's world Solar Challenge run possibilities yielded a better comprehension the... Like Cummins who recognize the importance of innovation in both Solar and electric vehicles of weight savings, shaving countless. Car stayed on track when our timeline was crunched analysis, running optimizations our! Don ’ t elaborate on what course that will provide the energy source for a Solar powered transport forward! Of Port Augusta these teams have won the Solar cars, and race the world to! We were excited that Eaton decided to partner with Cummins for the next time I comment Car that performed successfully. Car came from Teijin their design teams experience of working with the help of R Systems, Solar!

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