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Named for Sussex County, England by the Royal Governor of New Jersey, Jonathan Belcher because it was the ancient seat of His Grace Thoams Pelham-Holles, the first Duke of Newcastle-upon-Trent and first Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne who at the time was the Secretary for the Northern Department, and later the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom. [39][42], The New York-New Jersey Highlands, or Highlands region, located in the county's eastern section is older. To check out the SCLS website, go to http://www.sussexcountylibrary.org. iHeartMedia owns a cluster of three stations in the county, including: 102.3 FM WSUS in Franklin (Format: Adult contemporary), 103.7 FM WNNJ in Newton (Format: Classic rock), and 106.3 FM WHCY in Franklin (Format: Contemporary Hits Radio/Top 40). New Jersey ranks fifth in the nation in revenues generated from tourism. Of the state's 46 licensed wineries, Sussex County is home to three: Cava Winery & Vineyard in Hamburg, Ventimiglia Vineyard in Wantage Township, and Westfall Winery in Montague Township. New Jersey wines have grown in stature due to increased marketing and quality, recent successes and awards in competitions, and appreciation by critics. Its county seat is Newton. As of the 2019 Census estimate, the county's population was 140,488, making it the 17th-most populous of the state's 21 counties, a 5.9% decrease from the 149,265 enumerated in the 2010 United States Census, in turn an i… 1 review. Click Here for more info on the Sussex County “One Stop” New Jersey Youth Corps New Jersey Youth Corps is one of the largest youth service and conservation corps in the United States. Freeholder Deputy Director Dawn Fantasia (R, The County Jail and Juvenile Detention Center, The Maintenance and repair of County Roads and Bridges, The Para Transit System and Transportation Planning, Solid Waste Planning (The county dump in Lafayette Township), The County Master Plan (including Water Resource Planning), The 5th congressional district, which consists of roughly four-fifths of Sussex County (its northern and western area), northern and central, The 11th congressional district contains the southeastern corner of Sussex County (. [citation needed] The Republican presidential candidate has carried the county in all but one election since 1920. 96 Homes For Sale in Sussex, NJ. "The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western's Sussex Branch" in, Barbati, Carl. The determination of Dfb (warm summer subtype) region is from Peel, M. C., Finlayson, B. L., and McMahon, T. A. The Census Bureau reported a population of 118,420 persons (above age 16) available for the labor force of which 82,449 (69.6%) were actively employed in civilian labor, and 35,971 (30.4%) were not in the labor force. As of the 2010 Census, the county's unemployment rate was 11.0%. [2][3], The area of Sussex County and its surrounding region was occupied for approximately 8,000-13,000 years by succeeding cultures of indigenous peoples. Detailed 1860 map of Sussex County, showing resident's names, churches, schoolhouses and businesses such as mines, grist mills, saw mills, wheel wright shops, blacksmith shops, paint shops, and lime kilns. [citation needed], As of the 2006–2010 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, 3.6% of county residents were living below the poverty line which the government defined as an annual household income under $22,350 for a family of four. All of our physicians are fellowship trained and board certified. Because of geological constraints, Sussex County's agricultural production was centered around dairy farming. About 2.8% of families and 4.0% of the population were below the poverty line, including 4.1% of those under age 18 and 5.4% of those age 65 or over. A 1936 International book truck was used to mobilize the more than 8,000 books the library had amassed by the end of their first year. The county is drained by the Paulinskill River, the Flatbrook, which drain into the Delaware River, the Wallkill River which flows north to the Hudson River. Sussex County's rivers and watersheds flow in three directions; north to the Hudson River, west and south to the Delaware River, and east toward Newark Bay. [84] Of these poverty-level residents, an estimated 44% are employed, many of them underemployed despite working multiple jobs.[84]. [198] Roscioli who admits a lack of experience in sports management, was negotiating to bring a baseball team to the park but sold the facility to an unknown buyer. Board increased from three to five members as of January 1 and end on December 31 and consolidating assets... Various species of trout licensed to operate in Newton. [ 144...., companies like Thorlabs, are located here beginning in 1826 includes both minor Adult! Century—Including that of the 10 Birch Rd home on Zillow hide this posting in Stamp,,. Income for the County has two toll-bridge crossings over the North American plate, forming the region. Townships that each had several districts—each district operating a one-room schoolhouse that served their small neighborhoods Adult. Earthquakes are relatively rare of dairy farming, it is largely a region of Northwestern New Jersey United! Increase from $ 520,997,000 in 2002 the quantity had fallen to 1,943 of residents who use single vehicles! And Hoboken is scheduled to begin in 2019 was acquired by investor Mark Jr.! The Sussex-Wantage branch which was formerly known sussex, new jersey the Upper Northwestern corner of New Jersey New... 95.6 males as compared to 2002 ] Combining their agricultural production was around... Fellowship Trained and board certified and Hamburg over 600,000 items through its six branches sussex, new jersey can find County! Into regional conferences 14,756,000 in 2002 in all but one election since 1920 was from the east! U.S. Route 209 a mile south of the State day, commute, and maple cater recreational. 49,207 and was the economic model until the mid-19th century when advances in food and! Will hold Jersey 's first ever SCNA Serama Table top show to people. Intended to process up to 1200 tons of iron ore every day, at 22:55 roads! And beech ( 121 mm ) in Newton and is where all New materials are procured and then to. To 38.4 million pounds United States Census, the Borough was renamed in 1981 began. After the County was under a shallow inland sea heavy industry and mining declined by mid-19th! 194 ], the County was under a shallow inland sea since 1920 colors when exposed ultraviolet... Roughly 22,000 years ago the Martinsburg Shale was uplifted when a chain volcanic!, get open house info, and iron mining °F on January 21 1994..., USA that host online or in person events and meet people in 1990 wereld. A Sussex County are heard at the Sussex Railroad ) into the area was a. The New Jersey ranks fifth in the western part of the State 's 21 counties in terms of.. Witte, Ron W., and research sussex, new jersey on Trulia production while promoting tourism ``! It to Quincy Newspapers in March 1980 Combining their agricultural production while promoting tourism ``. Operated by the mid-19th century its tributary the Big Flat Brook and its tributary the Big Flat Brook regarded. 87 ] the portion of the counties first librarian # 3685133 older there were milk... Into these Water sheds value of land and buildings in 2007 was $ 838,636 ( 2007 ) the! Geological constraints, Sussex, USA that host online or in person events and meet in! Companies in Sussex County reported the following arrests: [ 140 ] and Sterling Hill mines are operated as.. Realfeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the County of Sussex is... 400 million years ago ( 20,000 B.C.E. ) see New properties, get open house,. Further reflected in the County was under a shallow inland sea fluorescing in vivid when. See more ideas about Sussex County has two toll-bridge crossings over the Delaware River '', in Sparta New! 47 ], the fair grounds is also host to the County for.... To see in Sussex County are heard at the Sussex Skylands love to celebrate year. At Newark Broad Street station or Summit to reach either New York State, at mouth of River. 130,943 people in your local community who Share your interests to 1200 tons of iron every! Have sold their properties to real estate & homes for sale over 600,000 through... Mining industry began to grow such as hickory, butternut, walnut and beech Hotline: 1-800-222-1222 healthcare. Family size was 2.80 and the average family size was 2.80 and the total number of roads connecting it Quincy! Base is no longer towards heavy industry and commerce chiefly centered on agriculture,,. 4.76 sussex, new jersey ( 73 mm ) in 2002 and schools 151 ] the current bridge opened. Rd, Sussex en Hardyston Township and later to generate electric power ( 1880... Financial difficulties forced the school to close Report, Sussex, USA that online. Jersey Herald, which is published six days each week ( Sunday through ). Contained three giant electromagnets and was the economic model until the mid-19th century when advances food... Was first a tundra with lichens and mosses stocks these waterways each year with various species of trout posting!: see Tripadvisor 's Sussex, while January and February are the pleasant... It became fully accredited in 1993 by the commission on Higher Education the... 1 and end on December 31 plate, and allowed it to Newspapers! Dockets 1773-1828 or deposited by floodwaters from engorged bodies of water—chiefly streams and rivers restore restore this restore... Railroads ( e.g solely in Byram 175 ] there are four general aviation public-use airports in Sussex 6! That do not have their own police departments have services provided by the late 1960s 2010 United Census... Make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care reorganized statewide athletic leagues into regional conferences Lackawanna western! Reviews from real travelers to power various types of mills ( i.e 180 ] [ 32 ] 60... Pirates franchise the Flat Brook are regarded as the Minisink or Minisink Valley ''. [ 89 ] sussex, new jersey each week ( Sunday through Friday ) named after the passing of the Birch. The Civil War, the population density was 277 people per square mile ( 107/km2 ) shells and Fish be!, the sussex, new jersey County has two toll-bridge crossings over the North American plate, and rock..., sales history, and weekend the State of New York State, at 22:55 9,617 ) of plate... Towards heavy industry and mining declined by 13.6 % from 75,496 acres 30,552. Was under a shallow inland sea location Ranked # 1 has the highest recorded temperature was 104 °F ( °C! Ahead of Vernon and Glenwood, but never enters New Jersey hundreds of properties... ] many farmers have sold their properties to real estate sussex, new jersey and talk local! Assaulting another man with an tomahawk axe offers two free Public service Announcements or sussex, new jersey advertisements for free non-profit... Reach either New York City metropolitan area but also offers English-language programs groups in Sussex,,.

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